Our Story

No matter what the craving, we have something for everyone.

We believe that everyone should eat good, feel good and look good
— Monique McFarland

The Idea

At Sorella Amore we known that when a sweet craving comes along, not just anything will cure it. This is why we sell our delicious homemade baked goods around the country. All of our ingredients are fresh, providing you with a homemade taste that cannot be beat!

More then sweets

We are not just about the sweets. Each week you can get one or two of our hand crafted paninis, handmade pasta salad, chips and a drink in our weekly lunch specials. We also have salty snacks for the few that don't have a sweet tooth.

100% Handmade

We believe that food and fashion go hand in hand. That's why at Sorella Amore we offer so much more then food. We offer handmade tutus, aprons, wine glasses and so much more. Perfect for Halloween, baby showers, birthday gifts and so much more.