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Mo McFarland


Baking our way to your home since 2017

Cooking from scratch is a thing of beauty. However, creating something so delicious takes time. With the busy schedules we all lead, it's hard to get that freshly made taste in a short amount of time. Well, don't worry at-home chefs. Sorella Amore offers a plethora of handmade goods, baked and not, to take your meals to the next level.

From cookies and brownies to salsas and sauces, we prepare everything with love and fresh, locally grown ingredients. All of our recipes have been handed down from our grandmothers to our mothers, and now for us to share with you.

Sorella Amore was founded in 2017 by two sisters who had an amazing dream. Combining their love for food, fashion, family and fun, they wanted to share it with their passion with the world. At Sorella Amore we want to spread happiness to the world one treat at a time. 

 Monique is a hard working mother of 3, one of which has autism. She has been cooking for over 20 years and wants to bring savory treats to warm hearts. She realized at a young age that people find joy from eating something they loved. With the help of her sister and best friend, her dream is now a reality. 

Our philosophy is that everyone should eat good, look good and feel good doing it. Sorella Amore offers something for everyone. From a variety of treats and prepped meals to multiple catering options. 



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